School of Fish

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

In a school of fish, there isn't a designated leader in the way we traditionally think of a leader in hierarchical structures. Instead, the collective movement of the school is often a result of decentralised decision making and coordination among individual fish. Fish in a school exhibit a phenomenon known as emergent behaviour where their movements are influenced by the interactions with neighbouring fish.

Our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) like fish in a school can respond to the construction industry, cryptocurrency and blockchain environments to navigate the waters through interactions and communication between individual fish, allowing the school to move together in a coordinated manner.

The Kingdom of Fishbowlia DAO will come together through verified holders (Fishbowlians) of the TKF collection within the Discord server. The DAO is represented by ten (10) Superintendents voted into power every six (6) months and twenty (20) Coordinators representing the top twenty (20) holders of the main TKF collection.

Superintendents are responsible for vetting and reviewing proposals to be passed through a vote by all ten (10) members. Once successfully voted in favour the proposals will be passed to the Coordinators who are responsible to further review and vetting of the proposals too be passed through a vote by all twenty (20) members. If the vote is not in favour of the Coordinators, the Superintendents are able to review, revise and resubmit the proposal for another vote by the Coordinators.

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