Flakes | $FLKS

Utility Token

Our Cardano ADA to Flakes ($FKLS) pairing will be the main pairing for our liquidity pool. This pairing will be hosted initially on https://minswap.org using their LP (liquidity pool) technology and marketing features. Following a mint sellout using the Reserve Lagoon to splash the LP, all further liquidity that is being added to the LP will come from the profitability of the Fishbowlia business through governance voting of the real world assets (RWA) hire sales, options to expand the business and/or resale of assets.



5.0% of our tokens have been allocated to the team through team partnership contracts, engaging them into roles within the project as subcontractors with incentive for development and long term commitment to the project. Team tokens are subject to vesting schedules to ensure team members remain committed and contribute to its success over an extended period of time (24 Months with a 3 month cliff period then released at 1/24th per month ongoing).


27.0% of our tokens have been allocated for presale which will be open to the public through an initial fair offering (IFO) with no whitelist requirement. We believe in an inclusive and accessible opportunities to all interested participants, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution.

Staking / Emissions

30.0% of our tokens are exclusively for TKF staking encouraging holders to participate in staking earning rewards through emissions. This allowance aims to balance the token distribution to maintain sustained growth of the project token and NFT collections.


10% of our tokens have been allocated to facilitate trading initially on decentralised exchanges.


1.2% of our tokens have been allocated for airdrops to our Medallion NFT holders during the presale and prior to distribution.


5.0% of our tokens have been allocated to the ongoing community development fund which will support community driven initiatives and proposals by the DAO to improve the overall performance of the project.


21.8% of our tokens have been allocated to the treasury to manage and allocate resources for the development, maintenance and growth of the project. These tokens will be governed by the community where TKF holders may propose and vote on funding proposals, determining how these funds are allocated.

We will never burn tokens. This is a sign of the tokenomics not being not robust from the beginning supporting the economic model; in which there is too much supply to meet demand.

Where Opportunities Flow

Like any other asset, the price of a cryptocurrency token is influenced by supply and demand. When more people want to buy a particular token (increased demand) than sell it (limited supply), the price tends to rise. Conversely, when more people are selling than buying, the price tends to fall.

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